Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Maple Experiment

While walking through the neighborhood, I noticed how many "trees" go unplanted each year or become "weeds" only to be plucked out of flower beds. Stay tuned for the results. And ... yes that is the color of the floor in our laundry room.

In other news, I made a little hoop house to keep the bugs from eating the broccoli before we do. It is made from 9 gauge fencing wire and floating row cover. I hope it works. Never mind the extremely tall grass just outside the garden. I better go do some trimming.


  1. Great cover-up. That should work well. If those are silver maple seeds you won't have a problem to getting them to grow. I have three extremely old silver maple trees and they love to grow their seeds in my fresh tilled garden everywhere. They are a nice tree that grows quickly. Not as good as a hardwood tree, I can hear an old timer saying, but I like them.

  2. They are in fact silver maples, and that is very encouraging. They are all over my neighborhood, so I figured I would give it a whirl. Plus, I've heard they don't require winter stratification.

    You're right on the hardwood issue also.