Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wallcoverings II

Ninety-five percent of our walls are covered and finished. The exceptions being one wall in our bedroom and the utility room. The bedroom wall because it is a foam wall that takes a different skill set and the utility room because I am still doing some plumbing in there. The pictures below are the pine upstairs. It was a fairly big project (especially the vaulted area above the stairs) but we couldn't be happier with it. Our point and shoot camera doesn't do a very good job of capturing the vastness of the vaulted stairwell, but here it is.
I called this our sistine bedroom because of all the 'artfully' cut angles. You can see I still have one spot where all the angles come together to figure out.
That's the foam wall that still needs to be finished.
Here is a bird's eye view of the finished walls on the first floor ... and a lot of tools and mess.
In other news. I have finally pumped water out of our well. This may not seem like a large feat for anyone reading this, but it was a big deal to me as my plumbing and electrical skills are lacking. We are using a Grundfos deep well pump and a Square D pumptrol switch with a 32 gallon pressure tank.
I left the wires long because I wasn't all that confident that I was going to get it right on the first try, so they still need to be cleaned up a bit.
Next week, a toilet! Indoors!