Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wallcoverings II

Ninety-five percent of our walls are covered and finished. The exceptions being one wall in our bedroom and the utility room. The bedroom wall because it is a foam wall that takes a different skill set and the utility room because I am still doing some plumbing in there. The pictures below are the pine upstairs. It was a fairly big project (especially the vaulted area above the stairs) but we couldn't be happier with it. Our point and shoot camera doesn't do a very good job of capturing the vastness of the vaulted stairwell, but here it is.
I called this our sistine bedroom because of all the 'artfully' cut angles. You can see I still have one spot where all the angles come together to figure out.
That's the foam wall that still needs to be finished.
Here is a bird's eye view of the finished walls on the first floor ... and a lot of tools and mess.
In other news. I have finally pumped water out of our well. This may not seem like a large feat for anyone reading this, but it was a big deal to me as my plumbing and electrical skills are lacking. We are using a Grundfos deep well pump and a Square D pumptrol switch with a 32 gallon pressure tank.
I left the wires long because I wasn't all that confident that I was going to get it right on the first try, so they still need to be cleaned up a bit.
Next week, a toilet! Indoors!


  1. That wall would look good with lime plaster. It would bring the craftsmanship of the outside stone inside.

  2. Hi Jared,

    Somehow your FB email has been hiding from me, I just sent you reply, no hurry though.

    Keep up the good work... looks awesome!


  3. Been following your blog for over a year now and am truley inspired. Moving back to Michigan next year to embark on my own building adventure. Still waiting to see how you incorporate the mason stove through the roof. Are you going to use a brick chimney or just use metal? How do you seal it?

  4. Ryan, you are absolutely right. I do believe we will try to incorporate some kind of plaster on that wall.

    Jesse, I plan to have a traditional masonry chimney on the first floor and transition to a metal chimney going through the second floor and roof. The reason is space on the second floor, a masonry chimney just won't fit.

    Are you referring to the seal at the roof line? I have no experience in this yet, but once I do my research and accomplish it - I will be sure to blog about it.

  5. Congratulations on installing your new pump and pressure tank, Jared! Now you have free-flowing water for gardening and other things. BTW, your bedroom wall made of pine is absolutely beautiful. I would advise you not to paint it with any color and just preserve its natural look.

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