Sunday, May 13, 2012


While we are busy hanging the pine carsiding upstairs, we hired a couple workers to hang drywall on the first floor. They should be back this week to tape and mud.
It's blue because it's pretty. Not really, it is mold resistant drywall. It's a little more expensive but we thought it was worth the money.
Also, we had them spray lacquer the beams and sealing.
So far we have the hallway and one bedroom mostly covered in pine. We are working up to the vaulted ceiling over our stairwell. It will be our pine finale.
Once the walls are covered we can work on putting in fixtures and making the house functional. We are so close to having toilets!


  1. Hey I just came across your blog. My wife an I are living in Bismarck and looking to build one day. Boy has land prices shot through the roof or what? Reading through your building process has been inspiring. Good luck!


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