Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tour of the Farm

I thought it was time for a seedling update, mostly I thought it would give me something to do while a spring blizzard wreaks havoc on my home town. First on the docket, the spinach. They have their first "true" leaves and I have almost been tempted to cut and taste. But, thus far I have refrained.

These little beauties are red giant mustard seedlings. They purportedly have more folic acid than even spinach leaves. I got these seeds from Markham Farm. I can't recall ever having eaten mustard greens so I'm pretty excited about them.

This leafy jungle is the broccoli seedlings. They are growing very fast. Last year we didn't get to eat any of our broccoli. A group of rogue bunnies in leather jackets (maybe)  helped themselves to the plants before they had a chance to head. It looked like someone had run over them with a lawnmower. Shameless gluttons. Shortly after that I enclosed the garden with chicken wire. That kept the buggers out.

Last but not least these tiny little guys are called alpine strawberries. They're a bit of a fun experiment. We got these seeds as part of a Valentine's Day gift. They grow a small strawberry about the size of your thumbnail. Everything that I have read about them says that they are very tasty despite being rather small. They took a long time to germinate so I was pretty pumped when they came up. Only time will tell.

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get my cold frame out in the garden. It would have been nice to get it out there before the recent snows, but I had to go out of town for work on short notice.


  1. Looks like things are coming along!!

  2. I tried herbs once in a pot indoors. They started to grow and then died. I have some basil seeds left from it, that I think I will find a place for outside this year. The problem is, I need to learn how to cook with herbs.

  3. hi just called over to say thanks for starting to follow my blog you were the 1st anyway was going to link and follow youre photo blog but decided on this one as I would be interested to see how you get on. Hope it goes well for you

  4. Oops I clicked on a followers link and thought it was his and started following your blog. it was actually one of the links hes following. anyway still want to see how you get on and i might pick up some tips on gardening along the way. spent Saturday rotatvating and digging up my back garden, in preparation for resowing, want to make a nice little garden for my daughter to play in. And I must say it was tough going even with the help I had from friends. I'm just not used to all the physical work. Too much time spent in front of my computer I think.

  5. John, that's great that you are making a garden for your daughter. I think more kids should get into gardening, if for no other reason than to get them outside. Keep up the good work!