Friday, April 24, 2009

Frost and Snow

I haven't had time to post about the broccoli adventure lately, I've had a million things going on outside the garden. But, if there is anyone out there that may have stumbled upon my blog and thought that I was a seasoned veteran gardener, well I should let you know right now that I make mistakes - a lot. I think it is important to share my pitfalls as well as successes. That's what makes the global gardening community so tight knit.

So here goes. Remember when I told you all how perfect the day was for planting broccoli. It was perfect, but the next morning I awoke to frost ... a lot of frost. I made the rookie mistake of trusting Mother Nature. I went to bed without even checking the weather report. When I woke up, I noticed the frost and immediately grabbed my watering can to wash the frost off. I saved the plants, but there was plenty of damage. Needless to say, I was pretty upset with myself.

Along those same lines, I made the mistake of trusting the weather report. Today I woke up to trace amounts of snow. The forecast was calling for rain, so I didn't cover the broccoli in order to give it a drink from Big Momma Nature. When the wife announced to me that it had snowed, I promptly let out an expletive and threw on a jacket. There I was green watering can in hand, wearing my sweatpants and a gray hoodie and cursing under my breath. I washed all the snow off. Once again it is still alive, but could look healthier.

I apologize for not having any pictures but I was much to busy cursing at inanimate objects to think about the camera.

Live and learn.


  1. Oh crap! You're not alone. We all do contribute to some blunder along the way. Hopefully the next sunny day will come along and perk them up!!

  2. I went out this morning and uncovered them. They are definitely still alive, they just have some battle scars. Tonight the forecast is calling for 29 degrees and possible snow again. I'll be prepared this time!

  3. I see them on TV cover grown plants out east with spinach and broccoli and dig them out of the snow to eat. But baby plants are probably a different story. I like to plant crops too late in the season and they never produce anything. I guess it is too difficult to deal with our diverse weather conditions. Keep trying, don't give up.