Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Garden Update

Our first salad cut from the garden. This was cut for our supper last Saturday. It contains giant mustard and spinach. We discovered that my wife severely dislikes the mustard greens. I think my immense pride overtook my taste buds.

One of our favorites, Sugar Ann snap peas!

The broccoli is still hanging in there, despite mother nature's efforts to destroy it.

Cold frame plants are doing well.

I planted a stick on our 12 acres! Actually I planted three raspberry canes. Two Boyne and one Fall Gold. I'm excited but I am trying not to get my hopes up since I killed a few of the same varieties last year. To be fair, the wild life nipped off all the leaves. Still, I blame myself. This year I protected them with chicken wire. Cross your fingers.

These are our tomato seedlings indoors. They are about ready to potted up.


  1. If the roots of the raspberries can get some nourishment from a few leaves they should stay strong. It took mime two years of growing underground roots to really get them established. Good luck. Your spinach looks delicious. No thanks on the mustard greens. Some people cook them, is that what you did, cook them?

  2. Jared, Great looking salad greens. We have been eating tons of lettuce, spinach and a little kale in our salads. I love eating these home grown veggies. And your greens look so perfect it is very impressive. The other photos are cool too. Keep posting and we'll keep reading! Thanks

  3. Yeah, I don't think people usually eat mustard greens raw. Paul Prudhomme has a nice recipe that uses mustard/turnip/whatever greens; it's in his Fork in the Road cookbook. Chicken, tomatoes, greens, over rice. Tasty. I have a couple rows of lettuce that are going gangbusters and a row of spinach doing likewise. The other two rows, one each of spinach and lettuce, aren't doing as well for some reason but are finally starting to get going. We also have a couple of grape sticks that survived the winter and are putting out lots of leaves. Glad to see another beginner gardener; I can identify with your experiences more than some other bloggers out there.

  4. I did in fact eat the mustard raw. I got the seeds free from an author whose book I purchased. He told me they had sort of a spicy flavor. He was right, they have a strong flavor and a little spice to follow. Next, I'm going to cook them into something. I'm not a great cook, so it bodes well for me to enjoy raw veggies. I definitely need to find a recipe since I planted a bunch of the stuff and they don't call it 'giant' for no reason.