Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Top The North Wall

Last night we topped the north wall around the corner going south on the east wall. We began taking the forms off tonight, and then a storm rolled through. Weather delays at this stage of the game are really frustrating, but such is life. You can see from the pictures that we didn't even have time to wash all the sand off. We also got our septic system installed today, They came and went so fast that I didn't even get to take pictures. Anyway, not much else to say except that we are super excited to start on the south wall. From here on out, we start a series of 'lasts'. It's going to be fun to start closing the gap and making it look like a house. Here are some pictures of the progress.


  1. Looking good. I will pray for two months of good weather for you!


  2. I recognize some of those rocks. Its actually kind of neat to see it with the sand and see parts cleaned off.