Monday, October 4, 2010

The South Wall

After topping the north wall we moved around to the south (and east) wall. This is very exciting to us since it closes off the stone portion of our house.

The south wall contains the bulk of the first floor windows to achieve maximum solar gain in our frigid North Dakota winters. Setting the window boxes is time consuming, but once they are in the wall takes a lot less concrete and stone.

Here's a look at the finished north wall. We put only one window on this side so as not to let in the cold winter winds.

Bailey found a new friend. She scared this little bugger out from underneath the trailer. Before we got a visual of it, we thought it might be a rattler. It was doing a darn fine impression. Turns out it was just a bull snake, a welcome rodent eater.

Here's some pictures of the progress.

Bailey's Queen of the sand pile.

This is a cross section of the wall that gives a glimpse of how it all goes together.


  1. Absolutely amazing! You guys have truly outdone yourself. Can't wait until we see pics of you both living inside this cozy cute abode!
    -Ryan and Rosanna

  2. This is very impressive and it will be a very warm house. Great idea, great work and I too will be glad to see the next progress reports.

  3. Wow. I'm so impressed. Plus it's inspiring for the rest of us lazy folks.

  4. Thanks for your comments! We are eager to finish the stone work (we may be burning out). We're so close we can taste it!

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