Sunday, March 13, 2011

It Happened Again

Thursday was a beautiful day, so we worked on the house wrap for the gable ends. We were able to get the east end completely done. For some reason, the store I bought the wrap from only had red seam tape. So for now our house looks like a candy cane.
Everything went swimmingly. We used 2 inch plastic cap nails to secure it to the OSB.
I'm not sure if they had to be 2 inches long but I was sick of pounding nails that I couldn't fit my fingers behind which was the case for the ice and water barrier on the roof. Speaking of the roof.

As I said, Thursday was a beautiful day. Friday was a different story. Friday we had a blizzard with winds gusting at 60+ mph. I wanted to go check on the house, but by the time I got off work the highways were already pretty dangerous. So ... this happened.
In light of the recent events in Japan, our little bit of destruction is insignificant. While we were picking up scraps of ice and water barrier from our house up to 1/4 mile away, I couldn't help but think about how awful it would be to wonder if your family was still alive.

So, today we cleaned up the ragged edges and began putting it back up. This time we'll use more ... everything. More nails, more wind strips, more nails in the wind strips. It's a good thing I married a woman as stubborn as I am.


  1. I am really confused why the rest of the roof, I am guessing standing seam metal, is not on yet?

  2. The rest of the roof is a polymer panel system.

    With the ice and water barrier, the temperature is supposed to be at least above 32 degrees before you put your 'shingles' on. We are just now coming into that time of year.

    The nails that I have put into the membrane when it was cold out, I plan to tar over as I shingle.

    This is my first experience with ice and water barrier, so I thought I would follow the directions as best I can knowing that I was already breaking conventional wisdom by putting it on in the winter.

    Putting the polymer panels on has definitely jumped in the priority list though!

  3. By the by Ryan,

    I was just checking out your blog(s) and realized you have a background in engineering. So my previous post probably wasn't anything you haven't heard before.

    So, the condensed answer is - weather and time. We learned early on in this experience that you can't control the weather and you can't make more time. So, we just try to do our best in each task.

    God bless, and thanks for reading!