Sunday, March 27, 2011


While we are waiting for some of our shingle supplies to come in, we are working on some "smaller" jobs. One of them is the small section of roof beneath the shed dormer. We wouldn't have to have this roof here, but it makes it so we can run a gutter the total length of the north side. This is what it looked like before.
We started by cutting mini-rafters. I took us a little while to figure out the angle and get the length right. But once we did, my Dad and I didn't have any troubles cutting them with the miter saw.
Next we ripped a piece of 1/2" OSB on the table saw and nailed it on with 16d nails.
And then we covered it with the same ice and water barrier.
I have to say, if you are going to do any roofing - do it from the ground. It's so much easier!


  1. I hope the weather starts to improve for you! You guys are doing an amazing job!


  2. It looks great. A lot of the time it takes more time to get that angle cut just right. Being off just a little just does not work. You are making great progress and I am sure you are ready for winter to go away and let you get on with the outside things.

  3. Indeed, I hope the weather improved so that things could progress more smoothly. Working on the roofing - not to mention the rest of the house - can be a bit of a bummer during when it's snowing or raining. Well, so far, the whole place is looking good. Once the weather turns good, things will be easier. Good luck with the rest!

  4. That didn't sound complicated at all! Although there's still the weather to try the durability of the rafter. Let us know how it holds!

  5. That was before last winter and I am happy to say that it held up to the snow! Thanks for reading.